Veneering Services

The art of wood veneering has a long tradition and dates back many centuries. Yet new techniques and sophisticated equipment have made it one of the modern crafts in high end furniture making. The demand for veneering is on the rise. And the reasons for that are simple. Compared to solid wood veneer proves to be more stable. Solid wood will warp and expand over time. Veneer on the other hand, made of very thin layers of wood glued together, is much more flexible, more resistant towards changes in temperature and humidity and therefore less likely to crack.

The fact that one log can create a lot of veneer while it could only provide a few pieces of solid wood makes veneer the much more sustainable choice.
Plus the quality of veneer is incomparable – only the finest, most perfect logs are used to produce veneer.
Another reason why veneer is so popular is the fact that it is more available and affordable than solid hardwoods, especially when it comes to exotic choices of timber.

We offer a vast variety of magnificent veneers from all-time classics like oak or maple to more unique representatives like Bocote or Zebrano.

Our services include
– Designing and building custom-built furniture made of veneer
– Producing flat and curved veneered panels
– Cutting and sanding veneers to your specifications
– Jointing and edge-banding veneers

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