CAD Drawings
The use of CAD (Computer-aided design) software for designing and drafting purposes comes with a number of benefits. CAD drawings are more accurate than hand-drawn designs as they reduce the risk of human errors. CAD drawings can easily be modified and expanded as the design developes or changes which is very time-saving. Another advantage is the fact that professional drawings will give clients a much better visualisation of what the finished product will look like. The chance of misunderstandings in communication between designer and client are greatly reduced. The work flow is smoother.

Sonabuild will turn your drafts and ideas into professional CAD drawings. Whether you are looking for a simple sketch or a complete drawing project, our CAD drawings are tailored to communicate your exact requirements.
We will clean-up, correct, change or update your sketches from an original drawing file. We are able to rearrange your layout entireley and remove any unnecessary information on it.

We will also standardise the contents of your drawings (such as text fonts and scales) to ensure a clear presentation.

Thanks to 18 years of experience in the joinery and building industry we know how to communicate design projects to clients. We will advise you on how to make the most of your drawings to ensure your requirements are communicated perfectly.

We provide high-quality drawings at a cost effective rate to meet your deadline. The CAD file you receive will be editable in order for you to make possible future amendments.

To get things started please send your sketches to