Born 1983 in Ireland, Philip started his Carpentry career young. He built his first treehouse at the age of seven – with materials ‚borrowed’ from nearby construction sites. Later he would spend his summer holidays sweeping floors inside joineries, determined to find out how things were built. In 1999 he started his 4-year-apprenticeship with a Guinness approved company O’Sullivan Interiors. There he was taught traditional joinery techniques to replicate authentic Irish bars. Later he travelled across Europe and the US to manage their installations. Being abroad triggered his Wanderlust and the desire to become a true journeyman of his trade.
Philip moved to Chicago to build high end residential homes with Kasper Construction. After three years he found himself in London to start his most prestigious role so far. As a Site Manager for 3 Interiors he realised projects for clients including Claridge’s, The Goring Hotel, The Connaught and Berkeley Hotel.
In 2012 Philip moved to Perth, Western Australia and founded sonaprojects, a construction company that soon counted ANZ, Lend Lease, John Holland and Telstra among its clients.
The business was going well, yet Philip missed picking up his tools and getting his hands dirty. He was longing to go back to a slower, more traditional way of working. The idea for sonabuild was born. Now located in Cardiff, Philip creates things using old school joinery techniques, coming home in the evening exhausted, happy and covered in sawdust.

Born 1982 in Germany, Jasmin spent her childhood and teenage years drawing and painting – from pictures for her grandparent’s hair salon customers to a lot of naked people in art class. After finishing school she swapped her brush for pen and paper and started studying german literature & media science, being the only student in class writing on a piece of paper instead of a computer.
It was when she started working for QVEST, an international Fashion and Design magazine, that she made friends with computers. After starting off as a fashion assistant she quickly took over the maintenance of the website. In 2011 she became responsible for the Design & Lifestyle department of the magazine. Realising international photo productions and working with famous as well as young creatives, she gained a lot of insight on contemporary design and emerging trends.
In 2013 she left her job to travel – and came home with a husband. Now mother to a little daughter and a not so little huskamute, Jasmin adapted her journalistic background to look after the creative as well as the administrative side of sonabuild.