About Sonabuild

Not only did I inherit my grandfathers loss of hair, but also his love for creating things out of wood. While my grandfather became a teacher due to what was needed at the time, I was lucky enough to choose my job. After leaving school as soon as I could I started my carpentry apprenticeship in Ireland. After finishing that I followed my itch to travel and worked for joineries and construction companies all over the world. Opportunity for me to watch and learn from the best woodworkers in the UK, America and Australia.
Combining knowledge and experience with an unquenchable hunger to learn and a deep respect, as well as understanding for wood, I design and build pieces that aspire to be inherited. Knowing that a tree takes a lifetime to grow, I take my time to make every piece. It is my passion to create the highest possible quality and no piece of furniture will leave my workshop until it meets my idea of perfection.
Influenced by Scandinavian design and mid-century aesthetics, Sonabuild is using traditional joinery techniques to create contemporary forms. My goal is to create clean lines that are timeless enough to work with the unique features of different spaces, but yet posess personality to make sure noone walks past them when entering a room.
By using finishes on my furniture that leave the wood looking very natural, each piece shows its true colours and unique grain pattern over time and becomes more and more beautiful with age. This way it is more than just functional, it engages to be a living part in your home.

Sonabuild is a collaboration between me, Philip, and my wife Jasmin who looks after the organisational as well as the creative side of the company.

Contact us
Sonabuild creates furniture as well as interior projects. If you like what you see please get in touch – we would love to work with you.

Find more about Philip and Jasmin here.